The Verge is known as a Jack-of-all-trades website that covers a wide range of different topics: entertainment and technology, science and product reviews. Being launched in 2011, it specializes in guidebooks, feature interviews, articles, and podcasts. The number of estimated visitors per month runs up to 11.6 million!

It seems to be a great breakthrough, especially if to take into account the number of topics covered. Marketers have a saying that the richest blogs are devoted to specialized niches; they can’t cover too many themes. The Verge breaks things up, that’s why the question – how did they get to the rank and generate traffic to website – seems even more intriguing.

The number of its monthly visitors comes up to 13.8 million! It has the reputation of a celebrity gossip and Hollywood website that publishes the biggest stories and the most confusing events.

Though TMZ hasn’t impressed with its insight about free traffic generator, it still imposes by mysterious success secrets. They’re revealed owing to a little detective work.

HuffPost can boast of 16.7 million monthly visitors nowadays! Its creator, Arianna Huffington, has never tried to turn it into a business blog. Still, it clambered up to the 154th place among world’s popular blogs, having a breath-taking success with regard to web traffic. Obtaining 500,000 views a day, the news site has grown into a household name in the form of a political blog.

Reading all your questions on the Internet, we have prepared a series of tips for increasing traffic on the example of five majors who succeeded in attracting traffic to their resources. And the first of the five is Business Insider

In order to understand how to increase website traffic fast with the help of Alexa ranking, you should get to know with this resource and its features. Alexa rank represents the service that is oriented towards estimation of your site in comparison with rivals. They’re compared according to detailed analytical data like SEO keyword opportunities, benchmarking, site traffic stats, audience insight, etc., that’s why it serves as a kind of barometer for all platforms and sites of the web. 

In a great variety of online portals and websites, it’s hard to decide on the one that will fit in all senses, especially if we talk about services they provide. If your platform has occupied a particular niche in online business, you perfectly know how difficult it is to generate enough traffic since your site’s Alexa ranking is not that high.

What Does Alexa Ranking Present Itself?