The “automated traffic bot” term can be easily explained as any network Internet traffic that is generated by an automated solution or computer software designed to spare the user time to perform all the operations manually. Moreover, these bots attempt to copy human behavior that may bring a real profit to the online business.

The difference between bounce rate and exit rate is an essential moment that needs to be clarified. The bounce rate explained whether the online store meets the needs of the audience. It’s a number of sessions that makes it easy to see if users view only a specific page split by the overall number of sessions that started with that single page.

Referral traffic is really like world of mouth. Like one person recommends a restaurant to a friend. As a result the restaurant’s trust increasing. The same way links and referral traffic works. Another nice example of increasing trust for restaurant could be inviting fake guests to show to other people that it is popular and worth visiting. So “organic” guest walk nearby and/or search for a place to grab a bite and found it interesting cause it is popular. That is just basic psychology he-he… It works a similar way with sites and blogs. Another important thing the users or visitors, as for the restaurant, should be looked organically. If it is so the business works.

There’re lots of ways how to fill your site with traffic cheaply or even for free. It’s hard to say for sure which methods will work in your particular case, but it’s noteworthy that you should test different ideas and find yours.

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2020 showed that all businesses should be presented online. Do you still struggle for social media respect and engagement? Then this article goes for you. Social media customer services provide unlimited opportunities for your business promotion. They’re highly effective as they offer users to reach you on the networks they already use.

Think of these statistical data when starting your social media advertising and use them correctly. Improve these numbers to offer better service experience! How to achieve it? Keep reading.

Every company owner would like to increase website traffic; so, the question of how to make it will never get old. Blogging resources, online shops, digital marketing, online courses, and more – all these spheres need new traffic sources and strategies.

So, which ideas to follow? Which sources are actually working and which – not? How to build your traffic strategy in order not to miss important points?

We will provide you with replies to these and many other questions in this article.

Do you know Alexa rank but not sure how useful it might be? Whether you want to develop your online shop or personal blog, it provides essential and helpful data.

Initially, Alexa appeared to be the 1st free traffic service with a variety of web analytics. Though some users might find difficulties in using it, this fact doesn’t invalidate its usefulness. Now it still remains an important metric provider and tool that gives you an edge over rivals – that is a determining factor for your successful business. So, how can you increase Alexa rank? We will answer this question in the article and provide lots of tips how to use it for your business.

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Do you want high rankings of your website on Google? Everyone wants it! Another metric that also arrests attention is Alexa rank. Understanding its features might help not only increase Alexa rank but get more site traffic on the whole.

As a rule, the lower your ranking here is, the better it is, but why is it so? How to calculate it? How does Alexa ranking actually work? Is it possible to manipulate it or not? Replies to these and other questions are provided in this article.

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Are viewers leaving your resource without using your services or buying goods? It’s because your bounce rate is higher than it actually should be. In this article, we’d like to reveal all features of the bounce rate describing what it presents itself, explain 13 reasons that may cause its high parameters, and give some tips how to reduce bounce rate.

Every business owner is aware of Alexa Ranking and its possibilities. It represents a common metric to determine your company state; thus, it’s of high importance for investors, partners, etc. They will take it into account while estimating business health and trending opportunities. Therefore, most company owners strive to increase Alexa Rank as fast as possible.

Would you like to achieve it within 30 days? This article is for you then.