What is Bot Traffic?

The “automated traffic bot” term can be easily explained as any network Internet traffic that is generated by an automated solution or computer software designed to spare the user time to perform all the operations manually. Moreover, these bots attempt to copy human behavior that may bring a real profit to the online business.

A smart bot is designed to perform monotonous and repetitive work. It has an accelerated reaction to processes and does not get tired of unvaried actions. The use of bots is required to perform the repetitive types of operations, those that alternate with each other, and quick ones (as a person is often unable to cope with them). It’s perfectly good to have some percentage of bots on the website as they open up lots of possibilities for the digital webpage from a revenue standpoint.

Botnets to Boost Traffic

Particular attention should be paid to botnets, which are created specifically to increase visitor rates on sites. Imagine that there is a giant network of hundreds of thousands of hacked computers. The owner of such a botnet can target it to any page. Botnet visits are counted in the statistics just like any other visits. At first sight, they look natural, since the computers involved have different IP addresses, operating systems, and browsers. The botnet use is generally safe except for cases where traffic bot is presented as real targeted traffic.


Become more aware

Here are the informative answers to a few popular questions that haunt people who are interested in a traffic bot guide and the ways to deal with it.

  • What is trafficbot life? It’s one of the latest examples of new-generation Google Analytics spam. Don’t even worry about dealing not with live users because there still will be the required site page views.
  • What is bot traffic one more time? It’s non-human traffic to the app or the website that may have a great influence on the sales and profit. The point is, the use of bots will lead to the displaying of the site in the search engine and will attract the attention of real users or customers.
  • How to bot a website? Pick up the type of chatbot, determine its KPIs, get acquainted with the user’s needs, complement your chatbot with personality and plan its flow, then design, preview, and test the product. The last steps are targeting and optimizing the chatbot’s performance. It is recommended to entrust all the described stages to Sigma specialists, who already have a well-thought-out process and perform all procedures competently.
  • How to find bot traffic in Google Analytics? The search process won’t take much time. You have to click on Acquisition → All Traffic and Channels → Referral (under the Default Channel Grouping column).

We hope that the presented data in this article will make you more enlightened in traffic analysis and the specifics of this topic.