Why don't we ask for any money for the traffic? Because we are earning your loyalty! We developed several plans for how you could get traffic.
NANO plan is your chance to try our service and get free website hits. We’ve prepared a guide that will help you to start.

When you first get to SigmaTraffic, you would notice that you can test your website if it can be accepted for free traffic. If yes you will get a NANO plan for your project automatically. And it's free!

Get Free 6K Hits

1. Enter your website to check if we can accept it for the free traffic
2. If your site can be accepted enter your email to register

If you already have a SigmaTraffic account and missed the previous step, but still want to get a free NANO plan for your site please follow the link.

Screenshot of Credit page

Most of the services we offer, are provided on a paid basis. If you upgrade your plan you will be able to make detailed adjustments in your site statistics. Like:

  • Improving your Bounce Rate (It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave ("bounce") rather than continue viewing other pages)
  • Getting Geo Targeted Traffic (You will be able to choose source country of the traffic you get)
  • Tuning your Visitors Returning % (Percentage of visitors who already visited your site and came back again)
  • Setting a Dayparting of the traffic delivering (Dayparting is the practice of only receiving your traffic at certain times of the day).

And this is just a short-list.

So what’s next?

After you got credit at the balance it’s time to set up a project to get free traffic for your website.

  • Open or create a project you want to promote.

Create a free project

  • Traffic speed slider allows to choose the speed of traffic delivering.

Traffic speed property

  • Choose how long you want for visitors to stay on each page.

Time on page

At the beginning it's 30 seconds max, but you will be able to get more after UPGRADE.

  • For NANO plan you can choose page depth up to 3 clicks to simulate traffic moving through your site.

Urls to click

We advise you to set up the fields "Entrypoint URLs" and "1st click URLs" to avoid 100% bounce rate.

If you’d like to get more you’re more than welcome to try our paid plans. Click on an upgrade button below to buy cheap website traffic.
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