Reduce Bounce Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate

What’s an average bounce rate? If this question bothers you, you’ve opened the right service. SigmaTraffic specializes in this issue and renders different solutions for businesses and individuals.

Bounce rate is regarded as one of the most confusing traffic metrics when it comes to website marketing and promotion. In general, it’s analyzed as insight into user experience. Here’s the meaning of bounce rate in compliance with the biggest search engine Google: the percent of visits per 1 page. In fact, it shows when a viewer bounces from a site page supposing that he leaves it after looking through one page. Though the definition seems to be rather simple, reasons for such bounce might be complex.

Why Do I Have a High Bounce Rate?

In some cases, a high bounce rate specifies and reflects a poor user experience. At the same time, it might show the opposite. For instance, when a user seeks after a cherry pie recipe, clicks on search results, and gets all ingredients he needs, it could be called a positive user experience. He received information he wanted and so left the resource.

However, when a user sees a recipe for apple pie instead, that will be a poor experience. Thus, he didn’t obtain the content he required. In this situation, a high bounce rate will have a negative meaning.

How to Normalize Bounce Rate of Any Site?

In order to reduce bounce rate yourself, you’d better make several steps: optimize your website, simplify its search, improve page loading time, focus on design and content, and more. Don’t forget about a mobile-friendly interface and readability. A full list of tips how to reduce bounce rates is available in our article here.

We provide you with cheap website traffic that will normalize this parameter. SigmaTraffic offers different traffic options depending on your needs and requirements. On the whole, the service features return rate control, from 6,000 hits per month, session time control, and more. Fix your website bounce rate with the help of professionals!