How to Fill My Site with Traffic for Super Cheap?

If you don’t have money to spend on your site promotion and complex social media advertising but need traffic, we offer 3 simple steps to make it cheaply.

  1. Google Ads (AdWords)

    Google AdWords

    The price for this option will cost you $100 – it’s more affordable than multiple ad campaigns that might require imposing sums. Besides, you can be sure in 100% results in the form of traffic.

    In order to start, search for a $100 voucher in Google to spend it on AdWords, sign up, and begin paying. You don’t need to spend the whole sum as you can see some results and then find out whether it works for your site and niche or not. You might need to make some corrections of your resource or forms and continue promoting.

    You can treat this method as a great alternative to marketing and first niche research. As a result, you gain understanding of working traffic channels whether you should spend more time on this source or need to buy social traffic.

  2. SEO


    Search engine optimization appears to be a time-consuming and slow process of building your business, but it can drive serious traffic. Get to know 4 lifehacks how to make it correctly:

    • Keywords. Discover keywords that you would like to rank in and make up titles and descriptions for each website page. Just this easy step can bring you up to 100 first visits! 
    • Listings. You should have some links or directories to your website. They maybe from friends or other resources.
    • Australian directory. Prefer this directory to American one since it will give you more chances to receive actual traffic and improve your rankings.
    • New content. Think of topics you can write on to prepare helpful and interesting content. For instance, you can order first articles from Elance or oDesk writers and spend about $35 on them.

  3. E-Mail


    A great way to begin is to provide e-mails with invitations to your site. For instance, most sites with daily deals work this way! You might try this method as well, but make sure that it’s worth the price. So, do some Math in order not to waste money in vain.

    Let us offer you some other ways of receiving e-mail traffic:

    • Send your first e-mail to colleagues and friends. Collect their contacts, add to a list, and send an e-mail that announces your new website. Then ask them for feedback. Such a research might give you some reviews and insights while your peers may recommend your services to someone who requires them.
    • Write an article. Prepare a helpful article about your niche or topic. It might bring you some visits. The more involving your article is, the more visitors you can receive.
    • Forward an e-mail. If you discovered some really worthy content, send the e-mail to those who may be keen on it. Don’t forget to add call-to-action options so that you could increase your traffic if one decides to forward it as well.
    • Create a database. You can count on subscribers from your site; thus, make sure that you have a special form for it on your site. Offer a free eBook or guide for signing up and get responses to your e-mail.

There's So Much Cheap Traffic Around, But What About Free One?

Here are some other effective ways to buy traffic for websites cheaply if you have 100,000+ visitors on your site.

  1. Banner Advertising

    Though such banners might cost you much money and their click-through rates are not so impressive (about 0.1%), people really click on them! Pay attention that you should have a lot of banners. If you want to test them, follow these steps:

    • Choose cost per click. It’s more profitable to pay when someone clicks on your ad because the number of impressions won’t guarantee you the desired number of clicks.
    • Pay per sale. If you found this deal, try it without doubts!

  2. Facebook Advertising

    Everyone spends time on Facebook, but aims of opening it and Google are completely different. Whereas users turn to Facebook to hang out with friends, they open Google for some concrete information and answers. Thus, it’s worth buying traffic from social media like Facebook when you have a great competition or an eye-catching campaign. For instance, if you have a charity organization and a toga party in order to earn money, you can launch your ad on Facebook and target young men directly.

    Thus, you can raise money very fast, but test this idea first according to basic metrics. Facebook is not as challenging as Google AdWords; still, conversion might boost significantly.

  3. Twitter, Viral, and Social Media

    Social media and its traffic always require time. You have to build a profile, interact with your audience, and make up interesting topics and posts. Try to perceive it as if you go to a new city, meet people, make friends, and can invite them to your place for BBQ only after these steps. Consequently, here are some rules to follow:

    • Be helpful. The more assistance you provide, the more influential and respectful you become. People appreciate it.
    • Be regular. Make timely updates of your content. If you disappear from their feeds, they will ignore you with time.
    • Be original and interesting. Boring and tiresome posts or tweets are always ignored while your account is unfollowed.

  4. Offline Sources of Traffic

    Since people are not online on a twenty-four hour basis, you might employ different offline forms in addition to social media traffic. The main feature of this source is to make your link visible and available at first glance so that users could get and follow it.

    Offline traffic sources include:

    • Leaflets. When you need a local audience, it’s always a good idea to spread leaflets with sales or profitable deals.
    • Magazines and PR. A good story or article about your business might attract attention to your resource and boost traffic.
    • Business cards. Design them in a way that it contains your contacts and the reason to visit your website or company. Offer a free product or service like an eBook or a guide.
    • Signboards. If you can put a sign somewhere and it’s free or cheap for you, make it right now and without doubts!
    • Events. Speaking at an event or forum makes you influential and authoritative, especially if your ideas and concepts are interesting and worthy. Show your expertise and attract a new audience.

  5. Conclusion

    As you can see, there’re lots of ways how to fill your site with traffic cheaply or even for free. It’s hard to say for sure which methods will work in your particular case, but it’s noteworthy that you should test different ideas and find yours this way. Besides, the more sources you test, the more chances to increase traffic you receive. Don’t forget it!