How to Buy Social Traffic? Helpful Guide to Paid Social Media

Statistical Proof Why You Should Get Social Traffic

People want companies and brands to provide service solutions in social networks. Still hesitate why you should buy social traffic? Look at these numbers:

  • Facebook Messenger can boast of 1 billion messages sent from buyers to businesses a month.
  • 64% of clients prefer messaging to calling a business.
  • 70% of people would like to message more in the future when they need to find answers to some service questions.
  • According to Forrester, digital interactions about customer service will grow by 40% in 2021.
  • Almost 19% of social network buyers in the US made their first purchase right here in the app. As they turn in social media, they don’t want to look for information on other resources.
  • The average answer time for banks amounts to 1 hour. It wins you over, right?
  • 59% of brands provide replies on Twitter within 15 minutes.
  • Still, this number decreases to 30% when businesses don’t have their customer service accounts.
  • 9% of companies don’t answer comments on Instagram while 16% of them – on Facebook.
  • 45% of brands require about 5 days replying on Facebook pages.
  • 69% of US citizens say that Facebook messaging makes them feel more confident in the company and its services.
  • 40% of shoppers who want to place an order on holidays say that they will most likely choose the seller who works these days.
  • 36% of respondents would like to share their experience of good customer support with their relatives or friends.
  • 60% of online users mention that bad customer service experience is a problem when placing an online order.

Think of these statistical data when starting your social media advertising and use them correctly. Improve these numbers to offer better service experience! How to achieve it? Keep reading.

11 Tips on How to Provide Good Social Customer Service

  1. Create a separate social account for customer support
  2. Customer service teams cope with client questions faster than your marketers. Stats on the average answer time on Facebook and other networks provided above confirm it once again. For this reason, use a separate channel to offer customer service solutions and make it on time. It will help figure out and distribute service issues. As a result, right teams can monitor incoming messages. Also, don’t forget to include this link or data in your social network bios. If some questions still come to your main channel, give them to the service support team.

  3. Follow social network guidelines
  4. Social media support differentiates from social marketing; thus, prepare bran guidelines in accordance with your company concept and values. Don’t forget to cover the following things:

    • Answer time for each channel;
    • Prepared replies to FAQs;
    • Protocol for customer issues like escalations;
    • A procedure of message approval;
    • Tone of voice;
    • A system of permission management.

  5. Monitor discussions of your business
  6. Some clients might leave messages or reviews about your brand on exterior platforms. As they might be placed without tags, you should look for them themselves. This way, you can contact even those clients who haven’t turned to you directly.

  7. Be active
  8. Do your clients have the same questions all the time? That’s your key to self-service data resources. For instance, you can organize your blog with how-to videos or posts about the best tools and services. They all might assist your clients in getting the most from your products!

  9. Meet client expectations
  10. According to recent studies, customers think that the more they pay for services, the better level of social care they will receive. Of course, not all companies are oriented towards this tendency as they have different demands and goals. In any case, it’s extremely important to provide your clients with service support they’re waiting for. Thus, make it clear that the support team is available and can help.

  11. Expand your concept of social media support
  12. It’s not only about looking for problem solutions and coping with complaints. Client service might include everything you think that works for you since customers should feel that they are close to your brand. Make it more comfortable and pleasant to buy and recommend your products.

  13. Always answer questions
  14. This rule might sound too evident; still, there’re companies that avoid it! People always ask questions in social media. If you answer them, it proves that you care for you customers’ needs. A potential client, who asks for support and doesn’t obtain it, will most likely choose your rival.

  15. Create templates with common replies
  16. When clients turn to you on social channels, they wait for fast and informative answers. For instance, if you give replies to 90% of messages within 15 minutes or even less, Facebook will provide you with the badge ‘Very Responsive to Messages’.

    At that, you don’t have to be online round-the-clock. That’s absolutely normal! You can have your working hours, but you should be available within the time period. Inform your clients when you’re online and offline.

    A great idea here is to organize automated responses, e.g. use ‘Instant Replies’ on Facebook. They might also be helpful during busy times when you aren’t able to answer quickly. Instagram can boast of the similar option, it’s called ‘Quick Replies’ here. Just prepare answers to common questions to react with the help of several taps.

  17. Choose right channels
  18. When choosing paid advertising on social media, focus on channels where people spend their time. Discover social networks where clients are ready for discussions. This way, you can get an idea of services to prioritize for your customer support. As for statistics, 84% of users prefer Facebook to provide their reviews and complaints while 26% ‒ Twitter.

  19. Use chatbots
  20. A chatbot is considered to be an ideal tool to render social customer support twenty-four hours a day. Its main advantage is that it can give information immediately. Chatbots appear to be effective solutions when your team is offline or busy.

  21. Turn public conversations into private
  22. Clients might contact you on questions that require providing their personal data. On Facebook, you can react to comments in your private messages. If it happens on Instagram or Twitter, leave a comment that you are going to write in direct messages so that a client could check them.

Samples of Customer Service in Social Networks

Let’s analyze some real-world examples of how big companies use social media for customer support.

  • Starbucks. It uses social listening to collect all relevant company keywords and provide answers if necessary.
  • Zappos. Though most people use social networks to share their negative experience or complain, this brand turns it into the tendency of demonstrating unexpected levels of social customer care. Other secrets are a tone of voice and the speed with which they answer. They found a great balance between practicality and friendliness.
  • Lush. This shop created highlights with stories where it provides answers to common questions. Besides, it gives links to other helpful resources like those with FAQs.

Effective Tools to Provide Social Network Customer Services


This service allows managing incoming messages through numerous social networks: Instagram, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. With integrated ticket distribution, it works with diverse CRM systems and uses AI-powered chatbots. As a result, it increases productivity of your social media services.


This service helps in 4 different ways:

  • Determines conversations that need responses with the help of boards and streams;
  • Contains a special library which stores and shares ready-to-use answers;
  • Assigns requests directly to support service teams;
  • Controls and improves the company’s support performance.


It offers to create tickets from social networks and receive such data as comments, groups, issue status, subject, and more. After analyzing them, you can respond to social posts from the app.

Looking For A Way To Get A Lot Of Traffic For Free?

Step-by-Step Guide to Paid Social Media

We’d like to share key strategies of how to buy social media traffic and grow it with the help of blog posts depending on the concrete social network type.


Being one of the most well-known social networks, Facebook gives great opportunities for advertising. Just follow 4 easy steps:

  1. Open the Ads Control Tool.
  2. Choose the objective of your future advertising campaign, for instance, you need clicks to your website.
  3. Select an image you’d like to add. Custom pictures always have more chances.
  4. Enter the blog’s title into the tool. This step is the most important as your title should arrest attention and be eye-catchy. The following words might entice clicks: unexpected, surprising, kill, shocking, and destroy. Also, people appreciate lists, stats, and numbers in titles.

While some blog owners pay about $1 per click, others have bigger sums. It depends on your niche and many other features. Don’t forget that the main goal of your campaign is to drive people to your blog; so, wow them with your content and keep them involved.



This social network offers lots of valuable advertising options, and promoted tweets are among them. To start your own campaign, you should:

    Choose the most popular tweets. For this, analyze all posts according to interactions like reposts, clicks, etc.

    Decide on your target audience. Twitter provides data about users on the basis of information in their profiles.

    Target tweets by keywords. Find out and include related keys in order to test conversions till you find the most proper variant for you. At first, Twitter had extremely high costs of ad campaigns, but now its prices start with $0.5-0.75. What’s more, engagement covers from replies to follows. Double it and make sure what’s the price in your particular case.



The Reddit community is regarded as one of the most passionate on the Net! It can bring an imposing amount of traffic, but it’s not so easily impressed. Users seek after information that is interesting, involving, and entertaining. They see evident advertising posts and close them in most cases. Still, Reddit ads might be effective. Just meet the requirements, present unique content, and follow these steps to start your ad campaign:

    Select emotional posts. It’s the determining factor in running your ads on Reddit. Most users share incredible photos with weather balloons, racial profiling from different newspapers, and pictures of awful fast food. In order to do well on Reddit, you have to share your stories with some results from various studies – they should affect your audience and cause emotions.

    Create the title. Reddit and its users respect straightforward content. They should get the idea of information they’re going to click on. So, be pretty clever with your titles.

    Interact with commentators. That main peculiarity of Reddit is that your ad might become a thread – a kind of a regular post. Thus, you can communicate with your audience and boost your post traffic. Advertising cost starts with $5 per one campaign with the rate of $0.75 per impression.



If you work in the B2B industry and your clients are mostly professionals with higher education, LinkedIn is your perfect marketing platform! To promote your resource here, you should:

    Sign up for updates. Serving as a traditional advertising portal, it requires signing up for sponsored updates.

    Set up your ad. Discover updates that showed the biggest amount of shares, likes, visits, etc. Thanks to updates, these numbers will only grow.

    Target your readers. Since LinkedIn contains a lot of information about users, you are able to segment your target audience by location, industry, company size, and more. The cost per click here is about $1-2 – that’s rather reasonable taking into account that you can really turn potential clients into your customers.



As YouTube is one of the largest search engines and video platforms, it’s a great place to promote your company. Owing to YouTube advertising, you can decide on categories for your posts and promote them in the form of eye-catchy videos.

In Conclusion

Paying for clicks and improving your social customer service are great options to promote your blog and arrest attention of your potential clients. While some methods can grow your portal, others can cover organic options and increase loyalty. Whatever scenario you choose, you can build your community and promote your blog content significantly!