How to Track Campaigns With the Help of Google Analytics?

If you prefer to take control over traffic and be sure where it has come from, we offer to make use of UTM parameters. In case with Google Analytics, it might organize campaigns automatically and so demonstrate true traffic sources presented separately one from another.

In order to set up a campaign and get cheap website traffic, you have to follow some easy steps. Add some text data to the link of your website, considering the following parameters:

  • UTM_campaign: it's a campaign name. Pick a project name or any important keywords you want to include.
  • UTM_medium: helps to add some files like banners, ad texts, etc. to make your campaign more individual.
  • UTM_source: supposes the use of traffic source name such as affiliates or site’s name.

Simply add your custom UTM parameter to your ad link to track additional options

Attention! In order to control the cheap website traffic and make it correctly, we recommend including these parameters to all URLs of your project.

As soon as you make it, you can follow new URLs in section ‘Acquisition > Ad Campaigns’, opening it in the main menu.