How to Get More Traffic / Gossip Secrets of TMZ


This description may sound funny or awkward, but it’s the naked truth: if Business Insider is regarded as the king of world’s news sites, TMZ deserves the post of the drama queen in the sphere of entertainment news.

The number of its monthly visitors comes up to 13.8 million! It has the reputation of a celebrity gossip and Hollywood website that publishes the biggest stories and the most confusing events.

Though TMZ hasn’t impressed with its insight about free traffic generator, it still imposes by mysterious success secrets. They’re revealed owing to a little detective work.

Where Are All Rumors Taken?

It seems to be an interesting question how to get the juiciest stories before others and generate traffic to website! If to spend some time on the site analysis, TMZ looks only for field reporters, writers, and researches. Who gives them the hottest stories from private lives of world’s celebrities?

The answer might surprise you. Tipsters!

They’re known as people on the ground, in the place where something is happening at this very moment. These are they that discover a scoop from within. These people don’t work for TMZ directly; on the contrary, they render expert details and knowledge by revealing some breathtaking news to the mag. In most cases, they work for money or notoriety. 

TMZ’s producer pays special attention to negotiations with tipsters. He guarantees lavish financial support so that people feel interested in further cooperation and trust them. What’s more, he encourages those tipsters that agree to be sources of information again and again.

Thus, TMZ has made up its own low-cost content creation model that is focused on motivation.

Everyone can repeat it, attract readers, and get cheap website traffic.

How to Hack This System?

Tipsters and the concept of involving them remind of another well-known type of content strategy – content that is generated by experts. Such forms as webinars, videos, roundup or guest posts, expert interviews, and podcasts are worthy and helpful ways of receiving information.

The idea lies in the fact that you should motivate and incentivize good experts in the industry. They will create your site content, make up new ideas, and even share them with their audience. It’s known as one more way to increase free website hits.

Besides, it’s the model of mutually beneficial cooperation, which excludes expenses on hiring writers or creating the content yourself. Possible payments for tipsters include but are limited to traffic, backlinks, exposure, etc.

As for your resource, you can invite experts, who will create a new and fresh content or take part in those activities you’re interested in. This way, you can discover a unique world of cooperation for yourself: provide guest posts, participate in video contributions, use expert quotes, organize exclusive interviews, and so on.

As a result, you get a greater level of the content, broaden horizons by revealing new insights and opinions, and obtain cheap Internet traffic. Ego boost has amazing perspectives!