How to Increase Ranking of Your Website at Alexa?


In order to understand how to increase website traffic fast with the help of Alexa ranking, you should get to know with this resource and its features. Alexa rank represents the service that is oriented towards estimation of your site in comparison with rivals. They’re compared according to detailed analytical data like SEO keyword opportunities, benchmarking, site traffic stats, audience insight, etc., that’s why it serves as a kind of barometer for all platforms and sites of the web.

There’re several steps how to increase Alexa ranking:

1.     First of all, you have to become certified at Alexa (all about Alexa certifying - This way, you will be shown real website traffic; otherwise, your resource is just estimated.

2.     Secondly, you are to increase your local or global rank depending on your goals and needs. (Follow the link for the Global rank pricing details)

imageIn the first case, you’d better buy Alexa traffic in the form of a Professional plan on the reason that your rank will definitely grow. Don’t forget to choose your geo features as well. In the second case, a user should decide on a special Alexa plan.

It ensures a high rank, but you can select neither geo, nor the volume wanted. That’s because an effective Alexa algorithm chooses itself how to improve your rating and which parameters are to be used.

Follow these guides to improve your Alexa ranking!