How to Get More Traffic / The Verge’s Propensity for Referral Websites


The Verge is known as a Jack-of-all-trades website that covers a wide range of different topics: entertainment and technology, science and product reviews. Being launched in 2011, it specializes in guidebooks, feature interviews, articles, and podcasts. The number of estimated visitors per month runs up to 11.6 million!

It seems to be a great breakthrough, especially if to take into account the number of topics covered. Marketers have a saying that the richest blogs are devoted to specialized niches; they can’t cover too many themes. The Verge breaks things up, that’s why the question – how did they get to the rank and generate traffic to website – seems even more intriguing.

How Do Referral Resources Influence Traffic?

According to Alexa audit, receives its traffic from such portals as Sneakernews, Footlocker, and Nike. They represent popular apparel and top shoe companies.

This fact confirms that the Verge obtains cheap website traffic from referral resources. They’re connected with blog’s reviews on different products since they reference them.

Of course, not only referral resources are responsible for it. The Verge has many advantages from its own content, but they boost the website’s authority together and cope with it perfectly. For instance, only attracts about 40 million users a month. Its domain authority by Moz Company amounts to the score of 89. Undoubtedly, the Verge skims the cream off it.

Ways to Hack It

In accordance with the Verge’s content strategy, resources might receive wholesale website traffic in addition to organic search. Have you guessed which sites are interested in it? Affiliate ones!

If you aim at promoting various types of affiliate products or services, your traffic strategy will get the better of you producing content connected with other leading or top industry sites.

You can count on additional SEO boost because users might be keen on both products and content. Besides, here are authority links that have their positive influence and generate demand. These links serve as a substantial degree of trust and tremendous ranking power.

If to analyze which content provides value and increases free website hits, here is the list of preferred referral sites:

   •   Resources that give reviews to their products or services;

   •   Sites that render references to articles presented;

   •   Portals which compare their own products or use rival’s goods for it.

Though organic search is the key source of traffic for many websites, there’re some other ways to generate it. For this reason, publishing valuable content at other websites in your sphere or industry is your opportunity to make use of supplementary traffic sources.

It can not only increase users’ loyalty but boost all traffic parameters like free traffic generator. Several ways of promotion always work better than the only one you have already chosen. Think of it and don’t be afraid of worthy experiments!