How to Get More Traffic by the Most Well-Known Blogs


#1 Business Insider

This news website is considered to be one of the most quickly growing media, technology, and finance blogs on a global scale. With 30 million site visitors a month, it definitely disposes its own content strategy that works and attracts its target audience.

In 2011, Business Insider strived for the impossible. It let the public plunge into their monetization strategy that bore the name of ‘Full Monty’. 

The Story That Changed Everything

Though there were several worthy secrets revealed by Henry Blodget, CEO, the whole point how to generate traffic to website lay in the following:

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Create eye-catching digital content and make it as soon as possible!

As the news website was concentrated on digital content from the very outset, it was atop before others could only think of it. They used neither print nor broadcast content. They realized interests of the target audience and ran before the hounds.

Today, this need for cheap website traffic is nothing out of the way, but why does this content strategy still look different and unique?

It turned out to be timeliness. Business Insider finds a scoop before its competitors since they always follow the latest news, update articles, and chase leads as fast as possible. 

They don’t hunt for eternal content and find it absolutely normal. They aim at getting the story, receiving first clicks, and spreading trendy content with lightning speed.

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Hacking Secrets

Blodget claims that digital news resources are not obliged to be social in all senses. In fact, true readers represent a mix of organic, e-mail, direct, and social traffic.

It supposes that each resource can have an effective strategy of content development and cheap Internet traffic with the help of timely content that is circulated on the proper portals.

Though eternal content and the idea of having it seems to be longed-for, a special attention should be paid to trending and fresh content. It’s explained by search requests that change all the time and can’t contain only old questions. Readers are keen on relevant topics and follow current news in the world.

Thus, everyone might employ this strategy, creating interesting content that attracts audience and focusing on trending keywords. Google Trends appears to be a helpful tool to make use of these options and increase the number of free website hits. For instance, many technology websites tried to be atop when GDPR appeared in all news headlines. They chose such topics as tips for being GDPR compatible while writing your e-mail or need for GDPR updates for businesses.

You should always keep an ear to the ground of trends and search for your niche that makes the theme unique and appropriate for your audience. After this, use the suitable platforms to circulate the news yourself. Don’t wait for free website traffic generator that will do everything for you. But we can still make it work by jumping at the opportunity to beat up trends!